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The Church Notes Pad is essential for the church goer (remote and in-person). The Church Notes Pad provides guidance to document important aspects of the church service such as taking notes, summarizing one's understanding of the message, and to articulate what God is requiring in the days, weeks, months, or years to come. Many times, praise and worship are aligned with the theme of the service and there's a designated area to write down the praise and worship songs in this notes pad.


It is hopeful that users of the Church Notes Pad will grow in their faith when using this guided tool consistently and frequently refer to it.


It’s also strongly recommended that users refer to their notes after services during prayer, study, and quiet time with God.


Consider The Prayer Journal as a companion to The Church Notes Pad.



The Church Notes Pad Digital Format

  • The Church Notes Pad - Digital is perfect for the techy person.  

    Users will download the file in the IOS or Android reader app of their choice.  

    Fill in the ownership information on the first page

    The next page is the index page.  The Church Notes Pad is numbered for weekly services (52-weeks in a year).  Notetakers may write the title and/or date in the section next to the number to indicate the service or events for which notes were taken.  

    When clicking or touching that number the file will take notetakers to the area to take notes.  

    The church icon in the upper right corner will take notetakers back to the index page. 

    Referring to prior notes simplified with a couple clicks. 


    Feel free to use the chat or contact us button if you still have questions. 


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