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H.O.P.E Behavior Practice, LLC is driven by its mission to Help Others Persevere using Empowerment.  We are committed to provide Evidence Informed Psychotherapy to individuals and their families.  Rooted in Social Work ideologies, we uphold the concepts of the Strengths Perspective, Human Behavior and the Social Environment, Social Justice, Advocacy, Education, and Policy.  

We are open to partner in Community Activism that empower others.  We provide trainings both in person and via webinars.  Consult services are available to assess your organizations level of functionality and much more.  Special Education Advocacy is another area of specialty we are committed to provide support to. 

Please request an appointment to discuss your needs and our services further. 

Dr. Davis

50 minutes - Psychotherapy

90837 - $130

Call for more information

Webinar Trainings

Studies show that Webinar Trainings render the largest participation by attendees.   We offer customized trainings, based on organizational needs.

Prices Vary by package - Call for details

Clinical Supervision (LCSW - Remote)

$40 Per session for Group Sessions

$125 Per session for 1.1

Consult Service (15 min)

No Charge

Pupil Personnel - Teacher In-Service Trainings

As a former School Social Worker I recall the requirement to attend teacher in-service trainings although the content was not specified to my field.  We offer customized trainings, based on district/school need, for these events. 

Prices Vary by package - Call for details

Fees start at:

Single training $1750

Single trainings followed by 4-30minute direct consultations with staff $2150

Sequenced trainings on different days Price based on details

Senior Social Work Services - Clinical Supervision (Offered Remotely) $120 p/hour

More Services coming soon...

Coming soon...

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