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Meet the Founder | Owner
Dr. Audrey R. Davis

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Licensed Professional Educator, I am passionate about working with individuals in K-12, their families, young adults, and middle age adults, and couples to foster culturally sensitive and socially acceptable coping skills, self-management skills, positive cognitions, social awareness, socially acceptable communication skills, improved interpersonal skills, self-perception, increase assertive ability, and decision making skills. Using Psychotherapy, cognitive and behavioral models, Imago Therapy and varying approaches, I partner with individuals and their families, and couples, to develop these skills using single and multi-treatment modes.

Currently accepting NEW CLIENTS.

My specialized training includes Clinical School Social Work. Cognitive Behavior Therapy is a very beneficial approach employed when working with this population of clients. I am also a Generalist Practitioner. As a culturally sensitive practitioner I am especially equipped to provide Christian Counseling.

My experience includes 5-years of clinical school social work, over 4-years of instruction and mentorship as a college professor, and over 2-year of private practice. Using a strengths-based approach, I aim to empower clients to find solutions to their problems and to assist them in developing skills necessary to maintain emotional stability.

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