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The Church Notes Pad is for the note taker of church services. This can be used for in-person as well as remote services. As with all of Dr. Davis' creations the content is based on informal feedback from others and personal experience. Therefore, the Church Notes Pad was intentionally created to meet the need of taking notes as well as personal empowerment and growth.


The Church Notes Pad creates a space for documenting scriptures, important notes, personal revelations, and next step plans. The Word of God encourages us to not just be hearers of the Word but to be doers. This Church Notes Pad  is intended to create a space to do just that. As with anything there is work required by the user and that is to take action on the next steps that are documented.

My Church Notes Pad Paperback

SKU: 217537123517253
Color: As shown
  • This product offers guidance on taking notes during church and other related services 

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